Our all cargo airline was formed in 1995 and started trading under the name of Asian Express Airlines. The airline is a fully registered Australian airline that started its operations with a B727-200F as a linehaul supplier to the DHL Express Group between Australia and New Zealand.

As the airline evolved in the late 90's,Tasman Cargo Airlines widened its customer base to include freight forwarders, postal agencies, other express courier companies and livestock exporters. As the only dedicated Trans Tasman freighter aircraft, the airline quickly became the premier cargo airline  which could offer major express courier companies a guaranteed and premium overnight service between the two countries.

The B727-200 freighter proved to be the ideal aircraft for theTrans Tasman market,offering the flexibility to carry not only courier freight, but also oversized cargo such as helicopter blades, along with animals and livestock such as horses, cattle, alpaca's, sheep and goats.The airline has also transported band equipment, as well as perishable fish and fruit, plus a wide range of dangerous goods which cannot be be accepted by commercial airlines.

In late 2008 Asian Express Airlines changed its name to Tasman Cargo Airlines to better reflect the niche position it had created for itself as the dominant airline cargo operator on the Tasman.

In September 2010 and as a result of the Australian Government imposing an airport noise ban on B727 aircraft, Tasman Cargo Airlines leased a B757-200F to continue providing Trans Tasman services to its long standing customer base. The transition was seamless and remains in place to this day

Bringing additional capacity (15 main deck positions and increased belly space) and greater payload range within the South Pacific area has further positioned Tasman Cargo Airlines as the premium all cargo operator in the region.

Furthermore the B757F has improved the airline's carbon footprint with a reduced, and more fuel efficient model.

Tasman Cargo Airlines continues to diversify its business in representing a broader customer base within the international trade community and offering a cross section of products and services unmatched in the region.

Being a niche player within the region, Tasman Cargo Airlines and its staff pride ourselves on prompt responses and personalized feedback to our customers.