Safety is our highest priority

Tasman Cargo Airlines will achieve optimum safety standards by developing and implementing an integrated safety culture in our organisation, where safety is a key consideration in all business plans, decisions, policies, procedures, manuals, contracts and daily work activities.

All personnel shall foster a corporate culture that displays the following characteristics:

  • Senior personnel lead by example
  • Clear policy and operating procedures
  • Risk assessment is an integral business process
  • Continuous improvement of the safety management system 
  • Personnel communicate regularly with each other on safety issues
  • Senior personnel actively encourage all staffl to report accidents, incidents and threats without fear of retribution
  • We do not tolerate deliberate or reckless unsafe behaviour or failure to report accidents or incidents
  • All personnel are concerned for the safety of their colleagues, customers, contractors and the communities we serve
  • Government regulations and industry guidelines are used as a minimum standard
  • Adequate investment is made in equipment, systems, procedures and qualified personnel
  • Customer service, profitability and on time performance are considered business imperatives but safety and security are always more important
  • All personnel take full responsibility for safety and security
  • Safety achievements are recognised and celebrated.