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Tasman Cargo Airlines is the premium all-cargo operator across the Tasman and to destinations in the South-West Pacific and Asia.

About Our Aircraft

Tasman Cargo Airlines operate a B767-300F to provide regular air freight and charter services to Australasia, the South-West Pacific and Asia.

The B767-300F is purpose-built for heavy and oversize freight and provides a highly efficient payload configuration, allowing the flexibility of accepting a wide range of pallets and ULDs.

As an efficient, lower emission freighter, the B767-300F also has a climate control system, which allows for the transport of live animals.

By operating the best fit aircraft in the medium, widebody freighter market, Tasman Cargo Airlines can support time-critical cargo schedules, making it the sought after all-cargo operator in the region.

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Tasman Cargo - Our Aircraft
Tasman Cargo - Our History

Our History

Tasman Cargo Airlines is a fully registered Australian airline that started its operations with a B727-200F in 1995 as a linehaul supplier to the DHL Express Group between Australia and New Zealand.

As the airline evolved in the late 90’s, it widened its customer base to include freight forwarders, postal agencies, other express companies and livestock exporters.

As the only dedicated Trans-Tasman freighter aircraft, the airline quickly became the premier cargo airline which offered major express courier companies a guaranteed and premium overnight service between the two countries.

As a result of the growth in the Australasian export lane, a larger B757F aircraft replaced the ageing B727F in September 2010, and immediately offered greater capacity and a more reliable services to a large customer base. The B757F proved to be an excellent replacement aircraft over the next eight years, until it too was replaced with a much larger B763F aircraft in July 2018.

The B763F operated by Tasman Cargo Airlines is a fuel efficient factory built freighter aircraft which offers the airline the ability to carry heavy cargo payloads over a long distance, whilst also delivering a reduced carbon footprint.

Safety is our first priority

Tasman Cargo Airlines maintains high safety standards with a mature safety management system that encourages all participants to recognise potential risks and mitigate them. This coupled with strong standard operating procedures, good training and a learning culture, keeps us striving to improve our safety management system.

The safety of our people, customers and our airline, means:

Safety is a priority from the top down.

We operate a just culture – no one is punished for their errors and omissions provided we learn from them.

We look for continuous improvement in everything we do.

Government regulations and industry guidelines are used as the minimum standard.

Risk assessment is an integral part of our business process.

Investment is made in training, equipment and personnel.

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